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How to study for the 12th board exam?

The Class 12 board exams are one of the most popular board exams in India since they’re directed on the all-India level. The competition is too much hard as lakhs of students from all over the country will be appearing this year. What makes it so critical is because it is the pathway of your journey towards all major entrance exams such as JEE, BITSAT, NEET, and AIIMS and dream college.

So it’s necessary to get good marks in class 12. But how to get good marks in board exams? In this post, I’ll provide you board exam tips and tricks for your Class 12 board exam preparation.

Take mock tests

No matter how much you studying, your mind keeps only some percent of it. Class 12 board exam preparations are never finished without solving sample papers or taking mock tests of any subject and chapter. Simply type the name of the subject/chapter you want to practice in the search field and you can begin your practice or test.

Previous year papers

Another method of gaining that extra edge in your Class 12 board exam preparation is Solving previous year papers. You can simply find the CBSE class 12 past year question papers both online and offline. It is recommended to prepare as several previous year papers you can as it gives you a thorough understanding of the subject and the types of questions expected.

Time management

Don’t ever attempt to finish one subject at a time and then to move on another subject, always work on every subject with divided time. Always give equal time to every subject daily in your Class 12 board exam preparation. It lowers the boredom as well as allows you to finish the portion in a planned method.

Do your SWOT analysis

It’s important to know which subject or topic is your strength and clear the concept. Know which subject you are weak in and try doing it often, don’t leave it unattended. Know the topics whose weight-age is more and create it an opportunity to score high. Know the topic which is difficult and ensure you work on it and practice it more often.

Accept every subject as it comes

To score high a student requires clearing and learning all subjects. No subject can become a favorite or non-favorite subject and easy or difficult subject thus, paying more attention to the previous sort and leaving the latter for reasons of lack of interest.

TIP: Since attempting each subject is important to pass, a student should treat all subjects important and give them equal time to study.

Follow these CBSE class 12 exam preparation tips during the preparation of your exams:

  1. Keep weekends for mock trials or solve sample question papers, don’t study on that day simply work on your mistakes.
  2. Make simple notes of things that are hard to remember.
  3. Make time for the difficult subjects and on your weak points.
  4. Eat healthy food and take a balanced diet.