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Mobile repairing course institute in Delhi

Currently, mobile servicing is in high demand; hence, candidates belonging from non-tech and tech backgrounds are coming to enroll their names in a mobile repairing course, and get skilled in hardware field. This course covers the whole syllabus which is required for becoming an expert in mobile repairing.

Under the mobile training in Delhi, you will come to know the ways of using different types of repairing tools and devices and then you will finish learning the assembling and disassembling procedures of several types of mobile phone models, complete accessories of a mobile handset and will check every part and component of a mobile. After learning the basics, you will learn how to replace ICs, the ways of soldering and disordering, all the tactics of jumping, simple strategies of replacing ports, switches, connectors and so forth.

With every passing day, mobile phones are getting more and more common. Digitalisation is on the rise and smartphonesare on the rise. Soon enough, there will be a smartphone in every hand. Some, in this time and space, would argue that this is the ideal time to look for a career in mobile repairing.

One of the best Mobile Repairing Institute in Delhi, ABC Mobile Repairing Institute in Laxmi Nagarprovides various short and advanced courses in mobile repairing at affordable prices. The course allows the students with the practical and theoretical knowledge of the workings of a mobile phone and how to fix it. The institute provides basic and advance training of Mobile Repairing.

Here is an insight into the courses offered by the mobile repairing course institute in Delhi:

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi Details:-

  • Mobile Repairing Engineering (MRE) 3 months
  • Basic Mobile Phone and Chip Level Training
  • Mobile Phone complete software repairing
  • Mobile Phone basic electronics and complete hardware repairing
  • Mobile Advance Repairing Engineering (MARE) 1 month
  • Advance Hardware Mobile Repairing Course
  • Special Chinese Mobile Repairing Course Training
  • Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing
  • Mobile Expert Repairing Engineering (MERE) 4 months

This is a comprehensive course involving the syllabus of both the above courses

Basic Mobile Phone and Chip Level training Involves:

  • History of Mobile Phone
  • GSM and CDMA structure
  • Frequency and Channels
  • GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared
  • Mobile Phone assembly and disassembly
  • Overview of electronic components
  • Chip Level soldering and Desoldering
  • Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing involves:
  • Computer parts and their operating
  • Installation of driver
  • Repairing of computer software with coding
  • Fixing all kinds of software problem
  • File Flashing, Set Dead, On/Off, Hang, Restart etc.

Advance Hardware Mobile Repairing Course involves:

Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing Course involves:

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi Advantage:-

Our Mobile Repairing institute provides the students with the essential tools to take care of things. On completion of the course, the institute also provides certificate and assists the students find jobs. The main focus of our course is the practical training, which is the essential part of it all.

Mobile repairing course online

Smartphones have become somewhat of a necessity these days. Not only can you find almost everyone with one of their own. You can also see that everyone is indulged in their devices more than they are in their real life. It has become an intrinsic part of their social and practical life.

In this time, a career in mobile repair seems an ideal choice. To learn how to repair smartphones, you can take a professional certificate or diploma course. However, there is another way you can learn how to repair smartphones.

You can learn how to repair smartphones online! Yes, you can learn how to fix mobile phones with this detailed online course. Then, you can choose to launch a business or get a job in the same. Although, we must mention that you would have to go through over 11 Hours of High Quality Training. But once you are through the course, you will be able to:

  • Disassemble & assemble different types of cell phones
  • Identify different parts of GSM and CDMA handsets
  • Use different tools for mobile phone repairing
  • Work different parts & ICs
  • Use Jumpering Techniques
  • Use troubleshooting Techniques to repair different faults
  • Repairing basic as well as advanced cellular phones

In order to be able to repair smartphones, you need to have an in-depth understanding of smartphones and its working. This smartphone repair course will grant you all the basic and advanced information about the device.

This online course includes lessons on:

Part 1 : Smartphone Repairs

  • Cellphone Basics 
  • Block Diagrams
  • Hardware Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Software Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Flashing & Unlocking Techniques 
  • User lock, SPC, MSL, FSC, OTKSL
  • GSM unlocking: using codes
  • Using software to remove user lock, SPC
  • what is prl
  • what is ESN/MEID
  • CDMA Software Defined 

Part 2: Basic Electronics Declassified:

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Series Circuit
  • Parallel Circuit
  • Identifying Electronics Components and Circuit Symbols
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Transistors
  • Diodes
  • Fuse
  • Coils & Inductors
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • RF & IF Amplifiers and Filters
  • EMI and ESD Filters

Part 3: Tools and Test Equipments

  • Safety Procedures and Proper Handling of Tools and Test Equipments
  • How To Use and Read a Multimeter Tester
  • Test and Check up Procedures on Electronics Components
  • Preparing the Proper Tools For Repairing
  • Opening Tools and Tweezers
  • Soldering and Desoldering Tools
  • Muti Tester
  • SMD Rework Stations
  • DC Power Supply
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Reballing Kits
  • Working Table Equipments

Part 4: Schematic Diagrams

  • How to Read Cellphone’s Schematic Diagrams
  • Identifying Component Symbols and Layout in Schematic Diagram
  • How to Identify The Follwing:
  • Resistor’s Symbols and Layout
  • Capacitor’s Symbols and Layout
  • Transistor’s Symbols and Layout
  • Diodes Symbols and Layout
  • Coil Symbols and Layout
  • Integrated Circuit Symbols and Layout
  • DC to DC Voltage Drivers, Regulators
  • Convertes Symbols and Layout
  • EMI-ESD Symbols and Layout
  • RF Filter Symbols and Layout
  • Battery Cell Symbols and Layout
  • Power Switch , Mouthpiece, Earpiece and Ringtones Speakers
  • User Interface Symbols and Layout
  • Clock Crystal Oscillator Symbols and Layout
  • Fuse Symbol and Layout
  • Lines and Symbols on Schematic Diagram


  • How to Find and Locate Components on PC Board
  • How to Solder SMD Components Manually by Hand
  • Master soldering on any electric board
  • Advantages of Soldering
  • What is Soldering & de-soldering? Lead free or not?
  • Hand soldering vs. machine soldering
  • Electric tools used in soldering: Soldering machines, Hot-Air machines, Pre-heaters, Infrared machines,
  • Rework stations…etc
  • Soldering tips & soldering irons
  • Hand tools & accessories used in soldering: magnifier, tweezers, Fume Extractor , sponges.etc
  • Chemicals used in soldering: flux, lead, solder wire, flux remover, tin


  • Types of circuit boards: PCB solder types and cell phone generations
  • Which electronic components are found in a cell phone PCB
  • diode, transceiver, transistor, integrated circuit, 2 point solder joints or 3 joints multi points?
  • Underfill & under film
  • Practical basic soldering trainings
  • Basic and intermediate applications for training
  • Soldering charging ports
  • Soldering power buttons
  • Soldering flex cables
  • Soldering SIM card trays
  • Memory modules
  • Camera modules
  • Battery sockets
  • LCD Connector modules
  • How to Reball BGA Chips Manually by Hand
  • Identifying and Familiarization of Common Mobile Phones Components and Spare Parts
  • LCD’s Touch Screen Panels Microphones Micro Speakers Switches Charging Pins Antenna’s Battery
  • USB connectors

Part 7: Integrated Circuits

  • Understanding Major Integrated Circuits (IC) on Mobile Phones
  • Power Management IC
  • Application Processor
  • Flash IC
  • RAM IC
  • Hardware Handling Procedures
  • Proper Disassembling and Assembling Methods
  • How to Test Mobile phone Speaker,Buzzer or Ringer
  • How to Test Mobile phone Microphone or Mouthpiece
  • How to test Mobile Phone Charger Voltage
  • How to Test Mobile Phone Vibra Motor
  • How to check Mobile Phone Battery Voltage
  • How to test Power ON OFF Switch


  • Types of liquid damage: Toilet, fresh, salt, food
  • Tools used in treatment
  • Chemicals used in treatment

Part 9 : Troubleshooting

  • Hardware Troubleshooting Basics
  • How to Troubleshoot Not Charging Issues
  • How charging circuit works
  • No Charging Response
  • Charger Not Supported
  • Not Charging
  • How SIM Circuits works
  • Insert Sim Card Problem
  • Invalid Sim Card
  • How Keypad Circuits Works
  • How to Map and Trace keypads Lines
  • Understanding The LED light Circuits
  • Explanation on How Audio Circuits work
  • Mouthpiece
  • Earpiece
  • Buzzer
  • Ringer
  • Headset
  • Vibra motor
  • How LCD Display Circuit Works
  • Understanding How RF circuit works

Things You will Learn under a Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

Amid this coaching, you will be taught all topics of mobile hardware. Primarily the mobile training covers how to fix the liquid damage, how to troubleshoot network problems, and resolving software and hardware issues also. Some basic problems associated with a microphone, speaker or charging are also solved. You will also learn the unlocking processes of every handset, how to diagnose and troubleshoot defects, how to replace the cracked screens and so forth. It’s true that software is similarly vital like hardware and this is why, you should enroll your name in the complete mobile repairing course that includes software issues fixing, software upgradation, etc.

By doing this course, you will be capable of undertaking repairing and service of all brands of mobiles phones. A reputable mobile repairing course institute in Delhi will train you the best way so you don’t need to take further training. Without any further coaching, you will get jobs in good companies or you can opt for self-employment also. And if you are already in this business, this mobile training will add an extra source of income.